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Supported Platforms

Jetrade have considerable experience supporting and supplying a number of key fixed wing and rotary military platforms. Our experts all have knowledge and understanding of the following platforms:

  • Augusta (109)
  • Airbus (A330 Voyager)
  • BAE (125 and 146)
  • Bell (212)
  • Britten Norman (Islander and Defender)
  • Boeing (E3 Sentry and Chinook)
  • HS (Hawk)
  • Lockhead (C-130K/J Hercules)
  • Panavia (Tornado)
  • Westland (Puma, Lynx, Gazella and Sea King)
The experience of the supply chain and procurement process gained fulfilling UK Ministry and Defence as well as international military contracts is an invaluable asset. Every member of our team is committed to working within strict budget constraints and delivery schedules to support our customers in achieving supply chain targets.

We have worked with and continue to supply:

  • Ministry of Defence (UK)
  • Portuguese Air Force
  • South African Air Force